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Hunt Clark

As an art director, I have had the pleasure of working with many very talented writers over the years. As a result, I'd like to think that I've learned a thing or two. I was the copywriter for the work that follows. In the case of Sahaja Meditation, I was the sole creative on the project. The work was entirely developed, written and art directed by me. For Vs. Network, I was exclusively the writer, creating and writing the scripts for the spots, and the PBR Finals campaign and treatment.

sahaja meditation

sahaja meditation  |  mini site  |  Develop a brand, a tonality and language for Sahaja Meditation, starting with a mini site that was up while the main site was being developed. The mini site was the first execution to use the new identity, logo and tone for Sahaja Meditation, with a slide show of 12 billboards in the main visual area. Roll over on a billboard, and explanatory copy appeared beneath. The arrow icon on the left represents the positive energy rising through the seven chakras and out the top of the head. This is also the brief explanation behind the tagline, "Feel the Energy Within." Rolling over each chakra (represented by the color dots,) produced a dialog window to the right that explained each chakra's significance. The three secondary panels were links to the three basic content pages for the site: a summary of Sahaja Meditation and its origins, a meditation class locater for the US, and a sign-up page. On all Sahaja Meditation work, I was the creative director, writer and art director.

sahaja meditation  |  Main site  |  Continue the development of the brand and tonality. The mini and main sites were designed to have more than a passing graphic connection but while the mini site was light in content and depth, the main site is a robust, video heavy site. The logo icon on the left was updated to more accurately reflect Sahaja Meditation's explanation of the chakras. The billboard panel was replaced with a video that plays on demand, The three main navigation buttons were replaced with six. The majority of pages have explanatory videos. Check it out here. On all Sahaja Meditation work, I was the creative director, writer and art director. This includes writing and directing the brand video on the homepage and overseeing all the video production.

vs. network

iaaf world championships  |  Promote the International Association of Athletics Federations World Championships under the theme of the "Vs. Red, White, Black and Blue Summer." USA! USA! USA! And USAin Bolt!

tapout  |  Season 2!

red white black and blue summer  |  Drive interest in the summer programming under the theme, "The Vs. Red, White, Black and Blue Summer."

PBR Finals "Most Wanted" campaign treatment  |  In the PBR, there are no bad guys … just Bad Bulls. And the bulls are evil. And mean. And hell-bent on destruction. They wreak havoc on just about everyone. It's criminal. They're criminals. Wanted criminals. In fact, all across the land, they are the “Most Wanted.” And the riders of the PBR will chase them down, ride them and if they go the full eight seconds, bring these Most Wanted felons to justice.

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