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bmw  |  First spot: The 3 Series is the standard of its class – a car someone might well consider selling their soul for...

but for a limited time, there was no need to make a deal with the devil. Second spot: The 3 Series is so awesome, even the wagon belongs in an edition of Gran Turismo.

volvo  |  First spot: Retirees have money. Volvo likes to sell cars to them. Second spot: Volvos are getting so cool they're turning up in the most unexpected places.

volvo  |  A tease in every sense.

headline: A child born today will never know a world with rotary phones, typewriter or boring Volvos.

volvo  |  Volvos are hot enough to race. Seriously. Outdoor and buff book print.


courvoisier  |  Before Saturday Night Live's "The Ladies' Man," there was the rich heritage and tradition of Courvoisier.

copy: The soil of the Charente Valley has a perfect blend of limestone and chalk. Excellent for producing vineyards and sheep. Emmanuel Courvoisier chose to make one of the finest cognacs in the world. Which will certainly keep you far warmer than any wool sweater. Courvoisier. It leads a charmed life.

copy: To fully appreciate cognac, sand, ash, lead and glass cullet are mixed, blown and crafted at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus giving you the snifter. Then, using your hands like a furnace, you warm it once again, releasing the fiery fumes and delicate aroma known as the Angel’s Share. Courvoisier. It leads a charmed life.

copy: From 1879 to 1891, the Château de Chantilly was less renowned for the seventeen Renoirs that adorned its walls than for its extravagant soirées. The one guest that was always in attendance was Courvoisier. Courvoisier. It leads a charmed life.

copy: At 4’11” with an ego that was somewhat larger, Napoleon wreaked havoc on Europe for nearly twenty years. But when he experienced the warmth of a snifter of Courvoisier, he was nice enough to come by on April 5th, 1811, just to tell us how much he liked it. What a guy. Courvoisier. It leads a charmed life.

copy: Druidic lore held that the forest of Troncais was inhabited by all-powerful spirits. Thus making it a safe place for wildlife. However, today it’s best known for its fine oak. Which after careful aging helps give Courvoisier its enchanting flavor. Of course, there are some who say it’s not the wood, but the woods from which it comes. Courvoisier. It leads a charmed life.

drambuie  |  Reposition an uncool liquor as a glamorous after-hours aperitif to people too young to know how uncool the brand was.

headline: They're not called day clubs. Drambuie. There's life after dinner.


copy: Fine aged scotch whiskies, smoothed with heather honey and herbs. Best on ice.

headline: Wolves don't howl at the sun. Drambuie. There's life after dinner.


copy: Fine aged scotch whiskies, smoothed with heather honey and herbs. Best on ice.

headline: Nobody became cool doing Good Morning America. Drambuie. There's life after dinner.


copy: Fine aged scotch whiskies, smoothed with heather honey and herbs. Best on ice.


airbus  | At a time when Lear jets were all the rage among CEOs, Airbus realized that their A310 commercial, wide-body, mid-range jets, could be outfitted to fly 20 people (instead of the usual 200) in great luxury. The logic was simple, 3 times the plane for only 50% more money. A bargain by any standards, especially when considering the bragging rights about the size of one's jet. (Evidently quite common among CEOs.) In testing, these ads generated the highest awareness and recall of any ad in any issue of Forbes or Fortune they ran in. When the first ad broke, the Airbus call center was temporarily knocked off line by the volume of calls.


slomins  |  We all have stuff we value highly - what would you want to protect?


osphena  |  50% of all post menopausal women suffer from dyspareunia – painful sexual intercourse. It can ruin their lives, but for several reasons, most women have never heard of it. Often, when women experience symptoms, they are unaware the pain is related to menopause and never even mention it to their doctors. So, how to get them to ask their doctors about prescription treatments, specifically Osphena, for a condition they don't know they have and may not even know exists? Further, because Osphena is a prescription drug, there are obviously limits and requirements on the language, the solution needed to be visual. There are over 40 million post menopausal women in the US, yet when starting this project, it became apparent that there was surprisingly little imagery of attractive or sexy post menopausal women other than a (small) handful of movie stars. Hmm, maybe there's a campaign there...

egrifta  |  Egrifta is a drug for treating HIV-related excess belly fat, the launch included outdoor in select markets. Windowscape storefronts in the Castro and Chelsea. Subway posters in New York, DC and San Francisco, and bus shelters in LA and Miami. Combined with 3 mini campaigns of banner ads that ran on select HIV-positive websites. Awareness of the condition, doctor inquiries and interest in the product increased dramatically in all launch markets. For Egrifta launch work, click here. 360, click here. Digital, click here.

Consumer/Patient site, six panel billboard. Shown with two resource pages. To come: flash banners, 3 mini campaigns, 4 sizes each.

ibs awareness |  A digital, unbranded awareness campaign for IBS-C that drove the target to a simple educational site designed to get prospective patients to seek treatment for their IBS-C and CC.

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remicade  |  Remicade is used to fight rheumatoid arthritis, a painful, crippling disease that is passed primarily from mothers to daughters. The sooner it is diagnosed and treated, the better the prognosis.


coppertone  |  Second place in the Gannett Outdoor Challenge. Literally got a job offer at the show. Didn't take it.

sahaja meditation  |  mini site  |  Develop a brand, a tonality and language for Sahaja Meditation, starting with a mini site that was up while the main site was being developed. The mini site was the first execution to use the new identity, logo and tone for Sahaja Meditation, with a slide show of 12 billboards in the main visual area. Roll over on a billboard, and explanatory copy appeared beneath. The arrow icon on the left represents the positive energy rising through the seven chakras and out the top of the head. This is also the brief explanation behind the tagline, "Feel the Energy Within." Rolling over each chakra (represented by the color dots,) produced a dialogue window to the right that explained each chakra's significance. The three secondary panels were links to the three basic content pages for the site: a summary of Sahaja Meditation and its origins, a meditation class locator for the US, and a sign-up page. On all Sahaja Meditation work, I was the creative director, copywriter and art director.

sahaja meditation  |  Main site  |  Continue the development of the brand and tonality. The mini and main sites were designed to have more than a passing graphic connection but while the mini site was light in content and depth, the main site is robust and video heavy. The logo icon on the left was updated to more accurately reflect Sahaja Meditation's explanation of the chakras. The billboard panel was replaced with a video that plays on demand, The three main navigation buttons were replaced with six. The majority of pages have explanatory videos. Check it out here. On all Sahaja Meditation work, I was the creative director, writer and art director. This includes writing and directing the brand video on the homepage and overseeing all the video production.

cerenia  |  Cerenia cures motion sickness in dogs. So Rover won't have to stay at home. Thankfully.

boys & girls club of america  |  Yes, it was very cool to work with Mr. Washington.


american express . clear  |  The Clear card was about transparency in fees, or really, the absence of regular credit card fees. The assignment was to come up with a very direct yet engaging way to communicate that, ideally, visually. Most of the effects were practical using rack focus, the in-camera technique originally developed for doing titles at the advent of movies.

american express . open  | A campaign targeting small business owners with strategically placed out-of-home and rm.

td ameritrade  |  it's all about speeds, feeds and, "What have you done for me lately?" baby.


iaaf world championships  |  Promote the 2010 International Association of Athletics Federations World Championships under the theme of the "Vs. Red, White, Black and Blue Summer." USA! USA! USA! And USAin Bolt!

On all Vs. Network spots, I was the copywriter.

vs. network . tapout  |  Season 2!

vs. network . red white black and blue summer  |  Drive interest in the summer programming under the theme, "The Vs. Red, White, Black and Blue Summer."

new york mets  |  Awesome pitching wins games. A not too subtle reminder, that was in almost every New York subway station. That was cool. The original tagline was "Armed and Dangerous." Right before this went to press the news broke that Darryl Strawberry had allegedly pulled a gun on his wife. Oops.


motorola  |  There was a time when not every phone had a camera. In fact, it was pretty exciting to be able to send photos you took with your phone, from your phone. And so futuristic that Q might have issued one...

time warner cable  |  Guys in foam rubber suits. Yup.

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